Today Caterpillar 3 after being jammed into a cosy little Chryalis has completed the metamophris into becoming a butterfly. It took only about 90 seconds for "her" to get out. Her? Yep its a her as you can tell the gender by the bottom wings as the males will have a large black spot in the middle and the females wont. When she came out her body was puffed up and her wings were all crumpled this is because when a butterfly first comes outside its Chryalis they there bodies are filled with fluid which they then pump into there wings and sort of inflate them. At first she was very wobbly attempting to fly but soon caught the hang of it. After a while we come up for a name for her, Flutterella!
P.S. Im not coming online to blog about my Caterpillars for a while as theres not really much more to a Caterpillar/Butterflys life than whats you have so far witnessed.