Bad News: On the three unplanted Swan Plants there was only one Caterpillar left and a praying mantis DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!!!! But it thankfull left the Caterpillars on the planted swan plant.
Good News: Ive brough my old empty fish tank inside, cleaned it up (with nothing that could be dangerous to the Caterpillars) and filled the bottom with soil and then a layer of leaves from the Swan Plant, as well a small branch from the plant too. This will mean that when the Butterflys lay there eggs on the plants outside, and they grow into little Caterpillars i can bring then inside so there out of harm from any preditors. Also there is a roof which covers the top half of the tank so when there big enough they can start there Chryalis's from there.
But wait there more good news.... Another butterlfy was laying eggs on the plant today and sun bathing on our fig tree.