Milkweed is essential for the survival of Monarch butterflies as it is the only thing they will lay there eggs on. It is a filled with a juicy milk and many insects feed on and comes in many different types. Currently I’m growing a Swan plant and hoping to get another one. They are fairly easy to take care of and can be keep both indoors and outdoors, but keeping them outdoors has some issues. Wasps love to feed on caterpillars but once there big enough to start the metamorphosis they will no longer go after them so when I get my next swan plant im going to try and build some sort of net to put around it after all the eggs have been laid.

How to grow Common Milkweed from seeds:

When growing anything from seed it can take awhile, the Milkweed will sometimes like to sit in the cold damp soil of winter before it will start to sprout.

You will need:

  • Packet of milkweed seeds
  • Small/Medium pot (unless growing in garden)
  • Organic Compost

Fill pot (or garden) with the organic compost and dig a small hole about the depth of half way up your pinky. Place the seeds into the holes and water daily.